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About Guatemala

January 1st, New Year's Day.
On January 15, the day of the Black Christ is celebrated in Esquipulas.

Lent processions begin throughout Guatemala.

Lent and Easter week processions throughout Guatemala. The largest processions occur in Antiqua Guatemala on Good Friday.

May 1st, Labour Day.
On May 2and 3, the Day of the Cross is celebrated with colorful traditions at Lake Amatitlán near Guatemala City.
On May 9, Jueves de Asunción is celebrated with traditional music, flowers and prayers at Lake Chicabal. Please be very respectful of this tradition and do not take photographs.

June 30th, Army Day

July 25 is the town fair in Antigua Guatemala, with parades, music and other festivities.
On July 27 the annual Rabin Ajau beauty pageant is held in Cobán, with traditional dances and music.

On August 15, Guatemala City celebrates the day of our Lady of the Asunción.

September 15 is the national holiday to commemorate Guatemala's independence from Spain in 1821. The largest holiday fair is in Quetzaltenango.

On October 20, Guatemalans celebrate the overthrow of dictator Jorge Ubico in 1944 and the beginning of 10 years of revolutionary government known as the "10 Years of Spring."

All Saints Day, celebrated on November 1, is celebrated with unique traditions throughout Guatemala. Giant kites are flown in the cemeteries of Santiago Sacatepéquez and Sumpango near Antigua Guatemala. Many Guatemalans feast on a traditional food know as fiambre. An unusual horse race is held in Todos Santos Cuchumatán.


The town fair in Chichicastenango culminates on December 21 with traditional dances and music.
Nativity scenes, hand-made Christmas ornaments and small processions known as "posadas" create a joyful atmosphere during December.

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