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Weather conditions vary from season to season and region to region. The dry season is from October to early May and the rainy from late May until the end of September. Temperatures vary little during the year. The average high temperature is 77°F and the low 55°F in the highlands.

While in Guatemala City and the highlands area wear spring clothing and a sweater at night. Comfortable walking shoes are suggested. While at archaeological sites and the lowlands, light-colored, lightweight, cotton clothing is recommended. Sunglasses and a hat are recommended while on tours or at the beach.


The local currency is the Quetzal, named for the national bird. The US dollar is now accepted as legal currency. Exchange rates fluctuate so check with your hotel for the current exchange rate.

Hotels, restaurants and shops in Guatemala and most of the tourism areas accept most major credit cards. Traveler's checks can be exchanged at most banks.


Direct dial service lo the U.S. is available throughout the country. Telex, fax, cable TV, radio, and Internet wifi all easily found.

The departure taxes are included in the flying tickets.


The mixed of races was not only with people, but in culture, religion and food.  Guatemalan cuisine is a mixture of the ancestral Mayas and Spanish, both different but awesome and gave birth to a big and generous range of flavors, colors and smells that are present at Guatemalan`s homes.
After the arrival of the Spanish conquers, they found a complex food pyramid that had and has the corn as the base, making the tortilla as the principal product made from it. Made from corn flour and heated in a special oven called comal, the tortilla is one of the symbols that identify Guatemalan people, by enjoying it at any time of the day and with almost every local meal.

The varieties of fruits that grow in Guatemala are very attractive to local gastronomy, for their great flavors, colors and textures.  They permit the existence of many kinds of desserts and beverages made of fresh fruits.

Is important to contact a local Guatemalan consulate to check for changes in requirements before leaving for Guatemala.
No Visa is required for citizens of:
Australia, Brazil, Canada, all Central American countries, the EU, Israel, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the US.
At the airport, citizens of these countries must present their valid passport, and will be asked by custom officials how long they intend to stay (thirty, sixty or ninety days). Although there is officially no charge to enter Guatemala, generally the officials ask for some sort of small landing fee.
Citizens of some other countries (including the Czech Republic, Poland, South Africa and most Gulf States) will need a tourist card, which is available at the point of entry (for about US$5) and valid for up to ninety days.
Citizens for other countries (most African and Asian) will need a visa bought in advance from a Guatemalan consulate at least a month before entering Guatemala. These should cost around US$10.

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